A unique Montessori School idyllically situated on 5 secluded acres in McLean, VA


fotosatAt Brooksfield, children become friends for life. Starting with pre-K and continuing through the fourth grade, Brooksfield makes learning an adventure. In a world in which manners, civility and love of knowledge are quickly disappearing, Brooksfield offers families an alternative that combines the best of today with the best of yesterday.




The Brooksfield Difference

loguitoAlthough our activities vary in subject matter, our approach to the child is consistent. A positive tone, reassuring words and constructive feedback have all become a Brooksfield trademark. Through training that guides our teachers to encourage grace and courtesy toward others, peaceful negotiations and resolutions, respect of oneself and the environment and compassion for all, we lead children toward developing responses that are thoughtful, considerate, appreciative, honest and polite. We find that this approach forms deep-rooted bonds among our students that last beyond the years they spend on our campus.


Brooksfield is affiliated with the American Montessori Society and is a licensed child day care center by the Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Social Services.

Nonprofit Status

Brooksfield is a nonprofit organization and is governed by a board of directors. Our diversity of students adds to our understanding of various cultures, customs, beliefs and life styles. This aspect enriches our program and expands our opportunities for introducing new ideas to Brooksfield children.

Brooksfield School Believes in…

A positive attitude… We are positive and enthusiastic in our outlook, thoughts, actions, and choices.
The individual…    We cherish the unique gifts of each person and show loving concern and compassion for each other.
Teamwork… We support, promote, and encourage each other as we work and play together building friendships along the way.
Courtesy… We show respect and courtesy for ourselves and others through our behavior and our words.
Integrity… We are honest, responsible, dependable, accountable, and honor our commitments.
Inspiration… We embrace the world around us and allow nature to be our teacher and guide.
Communication… We encourage clear, safe, honest, open, participatory communication, including quality listening.
Organization… We surround ourselves with a clean, colorful, dynamic, energized and organized environment.
Flexibility We are open to new ideas and possibilities, and appreciate change as a part of life.
Tradition… We value the courage to take new risks and embrace the wisdom that comes from experience.
Imagination… We treasure the magic and wonder of life.
Accelerated Reader
Junior Achievement
Handwriting Without Tears