A unique Montessori School idyllically situated on 5 secluded acres in McLean, VA


Faculty & Board

About Us — Faculty & Board

Brooksfield faculty is made up of highly trained educators and has a long tradition of providing professional training that far exceeds the requirements of our licensing agencies. The longevity of our faculty is a testament to the mission of Broooksfield, to provide a well-balanced and nurturing atmosphere where each child can grow and blossom!  All staff members regularly receive training in first aid, CPR, positive language/discipline and emergency preparedness, to name a few. In addition, faculty members regularly attend regional and national Montessori/educational conferences.

Special activities are also offered that give our team opportunities to bond, to grow and to work together outside of the school environment. Brooksfield is committed to supporting professional growth of its faculty, with the ultimate goal of creating a knowledgeable, professional and motivated team to work with and provide the best possible environment for our students.



Mary Anne Duffus, Executive Director

Sarah Krawchuk, Director of Admissions

Theresa Norton, Office Manager

Maggie Cotter, Office Assistant

Cristin Sanders, Director of Strategic Planning

Alexis Adkins, Director of Operations



Eleana Velasco, Spanish and Computers Teacher

John Henry England,  Lower School Music Teacher

Teddy Klaus, Kindergarten Music Teacher

Sandra Kammann, Dance and Movement Teacher

Mary Rivera, Kindergarten PE  Teacher

 Julie Liddle, Kindergarten Art Teacher

Pamela Saunders, Pre-K Art Teacher 

Mary Van Dyke, Gardener


Lower School Faculty

Kate Bauer, 3 to 6 Teacher

Elaina Kaiser, 3 to 6 Teacher

Beth Saguto, 3 to 6 Teacher

Claire Wright, 3 to 6 Teacher

Judy Bullock, 3 to 6 Teacher

Jenny Khut, Toddler Teacher

Sharon Litts, Toddler Teacher

Mary Rivera, Director of Extended Day

Summer Camp 

 Carlie Cooney, Director of Summer Camp

Mary Rivera, Director of Summer Camp

Accelerated Reader
Junior Achievement
Handwriting Without Tears