Our approach to educating our children is built upon Maria Montessori’s philosophy of cultivating a level of independence, responsibility and respect, and to foster a love of learning. Children are guided in a nurturing way that encourages them to blossom as an individual and show grace and courtesy to those around them.

We cherish each and every child and develop a program that honors their individual learning style. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to guide and watch them grow into the person they are destined to become.

You will often find us on walks, exploring with awe and wonder at the leaves and dirt beneath our feet. We plant and water seeds, excited to watch them grow and harvest the bounty. We sprawl on the floor, creating painted masterpieces with hands and broad smiles. We own the dance floor, learning the art of movement and creative spontaneity.  In the Montessori classroom, you will find us absorbed with tracing the sounds of the sandpaper letters, skip counting with glass beads, or building the map of Africa.

Academics 1

Practical Life

  • Develop a child’s gross motor, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Build skills in concentration, confidence, independence and order
  • Respect of Environment
  • Care of self 


  • Help to refine child’s discrimination skills (color, size, shape, sound, smell)
  • Comparing and contrasting
  • Classification, order, organization
  • Build vocabulary
  • Introduction to math concepts


  • Number recognition
  • Counting
  • Sequence
  • Decimal system
  • Operations including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
  • Fractions, time and money

Language Arts

  • Spoken and written language activities
  • Build vocabulary through singing, movement, storytelling, sound activities, creative writing, etc.
  • Work in a left to right manner to develop necessary skills needed for reading and writing
  • Children are encourage to explore, read and write about the world they live in

Academics 3Geography

  • Brings the world and its culture to the child
  • Exposes child to various cultures through music, art, food, books, clothing textiles, etc.
  • Helps to foster a respect for the world in which we live


  • Explore a wide range of topics including biology, zoology, botany, geology, physical science and astronomy
  • Develop observation, theorizing and exploring skills
  • Gain understanding of child’s place in the world

Specialist Programs Spanish Class

  • A fun and interactive language learning environment
  • Enhance cognitive performance through exposure to different languages at an early age (listening, memory, and analytical skills)
  • Develop a positive attitude toward languages and cultures


  • In disciplines we call creative movement and dramatic arts, children explore, express, problem-solve and create, yielding invaluable expressions of creativity, which we encourage them to embody with joy and a sense of discovery
  • Children demonstrate a knowledge of their bodies in space and time, gain confidence to personally express their ideas, and get a grasp of group dynamics and collaborative skills

Organic Gardening

  • Brooksfield students have the opportunity to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers in our organic garden
  • Students help care for the garden, harvest, and cook with their produce. We take time to discover the wonders of the world around us, ask questions, "dig in the dirt," learn teamwork and stewardship.
  • Children get to cook and taste foods and cuisine fresh from the garden
  • The garden teaches us all, and is a beautiful place to practice integrative learning

Kindergarten Music

  • To become skillful and enthusiastic music makers
  • Develop concentration and cooperation skills that pave the way to confidence and enjoyment of music
  • As a discipline, music has an exceptional potential to foster learning while having FUN
  • Introduction to basic music concepts and skill through activities including singing, listening, playing and creating

Preschool and Toddler Music

  • Interactive introduction to music from around the world 
  • Allows the child to dance, sing and be imaginative
  • Develop skills in listening, repeating, rhythm, gross motor and following directions

Physical Education

  • Learn how to lead, take direction, listen and encourage one another through activities including games, organized sports and active play
  • A strong sense of camaraderie and team spirit is encouraged while working together

Academics 2

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