Alexis Adkins

What is your role at Brooksfield School?

Director of Operations
What do you love about Brooksfield/ Why do you like working at Brooksfield?

What I love most about Brooksfield is the community. Our staff is still in touch with families who have left years ago and they occasionally stop in to say hello. There is also community amongst the staff that makes it a fun place to work every day.
What sets Brooksfield  apart from other Montessori schools?

Brooksfield’s dedication to nutrition, gardening, mindfulness, and outreach sets them apart from other Montessori schools in the area. It’s not just about academics, but giving students an opportunity for experiences they’ll remember for a lifetime.
Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself? Perhaps a fun fact?

I taught 2nd grade in Fairfax County for 3 years before coming to Brooksfield.  I love traveling, spending times outdoors, and exercising. I also coach CrossFit Kids and Teens on the weekends. 

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