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Brookfield's New Bug Hotel is Open for Business!

When supporting the biodiversity of our environment, it is easy to overlook the contributions of the smallest creatures that inhabit our gardens.  Insects are one of the most successful living organisms and constitute almost half of all species on earth.  Too often we kill them without realizing that they are actually our allies.  Some help decomposition by eating large amounts of dead leaves and spent organic matter while others eat caterpillars and small snails that attack our vegetables and flowers.  Our bug hotel provides lots of different habitats for different kinds of helpful creatures to live in the summer and hibernate throughout the winter.       Here are some of the materials we used to provide habitats for specific creatures: The hotel structure was made from recycled wooden pallets and off-cuts donated by Home Depot in Merrifield. Hollow stems, such as old bamboo canes, and holes drilled into blocks of...
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Brooksfield's Elementary Chefs "Knocked It Out Of The Park"

Summer squash
  Tuesday was our third “Farm to Table” cooking adventure in the Upper School.  Our chefs for the day prepared lunch for their classmates and teachers.  The menu was our first “international” offering – Coconut beef and vegetable curryCucumber-Mint RaitaChapatti / steamed riceVanilla cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting  All three chefs were very responsible in the cooking area, chopping, measuring, pouring, stirring and blending with care. Working cooperatively and respectfully meant that everyone was permitted to use all of the cooking utensils, even the pointy ones, and take turns working at the stove. The smells wafting up the stairs from the Upper School were fabulous as the curry simmered to perfection.  The squash we used was grown in our summer garden and we harvested the potatoes minutes before we dropped them into the pot!  Mint and onion greens, the first few herbs offered up by the gardens this spring made their...
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The Lower School Helps Brooksfield's Birds Transition Into Spring!

IMG 2287
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The Lower School helps Brooksfield’s birds transition into Spring The children in Julie and Beth’s class have been helping our wild birds as they transition into spring. Birdseed is still needed to help female birds build up strength before nesting season is upon them.  Julie’s class made two different types of feeders:  one that filled egg cartons with a combination of shortening, sunflower butter and bird seed, and the other which coated a small bird house with wild bird seed.  We hung them on the garden loom and watched the birds (and squirrels) feast.  Beth’s class spent the morning cutting up pieces of soft yarn and felt, and mixed them with pillow stuffing and dryer lint.  Then we stuffed wire balls with the soft nesting material and hung them in the trees outside the classroom window.  We’ll watch the birds that make our forest their home, take the material to build...
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Heartfulness for the Holidays

Heartfulness for the Holidays
Several years ago an experiment was conducted in Washington, DC in which a group of people decided to practice mental focus for several weeks to affect crime rates. The hope was that crime levels would drop. Before the group began their exercise of positive mental focus, they contacted local officials to inform them of their intent. They were told that nothing short of a severe snow storm would decrease the crime rate. After 6 weeks of up to 4000 people practicing kindness in their thoughts (and it was the middle of summer) the crime rate dropped by  nearly 25% (Hagelin, et al 1993).So let's try some heartfulness in our own community! November is a time of letting go as we see the leaves turn and release themselves. We experience loss of sunlight, loss of warm days, and the sense that winter is coming soon. We are in the season of sharing...
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Brooksfield School Experience

At Brooksfield Montessori School we offer extended day - after school care to enhance your child’s learning experience for parents from McLean, Arlington, Great Falls, Falls Church and other parts of Northern Virginia. A Brooksfield School Alum supports the Montessori experience. Read more about what this Brooksfield School parent says… “Brooksfield recognizes each child’s unique strengths and offers fun and challenging opportunities to explore, develop, imagine, create and laugh. I was drawn to the quiet magic of engaged and enchanted children busily exploring their materials and environment. I learned about Brooksfield from other happy Brooksfield parents. I love the wide variety of materials, activities, and methods used to open kids mind to all that is possible for them to experience and the connections that they build with each child and their surroundings. The staff is attentive, cheerful, and taught our children positive ways of relating to us and to each other that...
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International Montessori Students

At Brooksfield School we have many International students from china, Japan, india and other asian communities in our McLean, Virginia Campus   This Brooksfield School,, parent has good things to say. Read more below about Brooksfield School…   The entire staff is very nurturing.  My daughter looked forward to going to school every day.  An added bonus was a large parking lot that makes it easy to do drop offs in the morning (hard to appreciate until you are backed up on the street at other schools who do not have such generous real estate).   To see more about Brooksfield School’s Pre-K, Kindergarten and Elementary go to   At Brooksfield School we have many International students from china, Japan, India and other asian communities in our McLean, Virginia Campus.
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Dutch Students of Montessori Education at the Brooksfield School in McLean, Virginia

This Brooksfield School,, parent is happy with their son’s education. Read about Brooksfield School below…  English:  “Our son really enjoyed Brooksfield because it is learning in a natural way in a safe and loving environment.”   Now read about our Dutch students of Montessori education at Brooksfield School in McLean, Virginia in Dutch.   “Onze zoon had een geweldige tijd op Brooksfield. Het is leren op een  ongedwongen manier in een veilige en liefdevolle omgeving.”   To see more about Brooksfield School’s Pre-K, Kindergarten and Elementary go to and meet our Dutch students and their parents!
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International Montessori School Students in the Northern Virginia suburbs of the Washington Area

This Brooksfield School,, alum remembers…   “I have very fond memories of Brooksfield and still remember my teachers very well. I still see a lot of the teachers, because now it is my brother's turn to attend Brooksfield. We moved away before I could attend the Upper School, but I still know that I missed a lot, because of my brother who is a very proud Upper School student now and he adores his teachers and I can understand why! I still know my friends from Brooksfield and I will now be a CIT at Brooksfield for the second year!”   Now read about our international Montessori students in the Washington area in Dutch!   “Ik heb geweldige herinneringen aan mijn tijd op Brooksfield en ik herinner me mijn juf ook erg goed. Ik zie nog steeds veel van de leerkrachten op Brooksfield, want nu gaat mijn jongere broer naar Brooksfield. We...
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Brooksfield School…Elemenary School, McLean, Virginia

This Brooksfield School,, parent recommends pre-K, Kindergarten and Elementary School in McLean, Virginia. Read more about Brooksfield School in our parent testimonial:  “We can highly recommend Brooksfield! The teachers and staff are very professional and dedicated, caring and loving and they provide the children with a balanced and nurturing environment! Our oldest son (13 years old) is a Brooksfield alumnus and has very fond memories of his preschool and kindergarten years at Brooksfield. He wished he would have been able to also have attended the elementary, like his younger brother. He now spends part of his summer as a CIT at Brooksfield summer camp! Our youngest son (8) started at Brooksfield as a pre-k and now is very proud to be an elementary student! Both are doing very well academically, but are also kind and balanced. We are truly grateful that our sons have been blessed with the wonderful education at Brooksfield!   Now read about...
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Private School McLean, Virginia

This happy Brooksfield School parent was happy with her daughter’s Montessori School experience. Read more below about Brooksfield School…   “At Brooksfield School, I could feel the joy, love and enthusiasm. The students loved to learn, the teachers nurtured, cheered and challenged them and the parents embraced it all enthusiastically. My daughter started when she was 2 years 9 months. Encouraged to explore – from outside the window to around the world - she developed a love for nature and an appreciation for other nations and cultures.   With a country like setting in the suburbs, there was enough acreage to explore without being overwhelming or requiring me to extend my commute.   She effortlessly became well-rounded – loving music, art and dance, attuning her ear to Spanish, exploring geography and science, developing foundational math skill resulting in her understanding/using multiplication and spelling words, reading and writing stories – all by the time she completed kindergarten.  ...
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Preschool Montessori program Mclean, Virginia

Brooksfield School in McLean, Virginia gives an education like no other.  Here is what education means to those in McLean, Virginia at Brooksfield School, Spring Has Sprung at Brooksfield Montessori School! March 21st is the first day of Spring.  And, the children of Brooksfield Montessori School, located in McLean, Virginia, are making the most of the temperate weather. Children in the preschool Montessori program, the Kindergarten Montessori program and the elementary Montessori program spend time working not only inside the classroom, but outside on the five gorgeous, sprawling acres of the school campus.  The school grounds provide the perfect place for nature walks, soccer games, scavenger hunts, outdoor dance and movement, P.E., playground play, art and all kinds of exploration.  So, as the flowers bloom and the sun begins to warm the earth, take a page from Brooksfield's book...get outside with your children and explore the beauty and tranquility Mother...
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Private Montessori School in Mclean, Virginia

Brooksfield School in Arlington, Virginia gives an education like no other. Here is what education means to those in Arlington, Virginia at Brooksfield School, Brooksfield Private Montessori is Reaching Out Brooksfield Montessori School, located near Arlington, Virginia, includes outreach in their curriculum.  The children in the elementary Montessori program make sandwiches for a homeless shelter nearby, for instance. The school is also doing its part to help raise money for the people of Japan.  At the next school assembly, Brooksfield school will pass around a collection basket for families who choose to donate to the Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children’s Emergency Fund. in support of Save the Children's responses to children's ongoing and urgent needs.  Children in the Kindergarten and preschool Montessori program also get involved by donating used books and learning daily about respect and empathy for other people.  To learn more about Brooksfield Montessori School , please visit
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Montessori Kindergarten in Mclean, Virginia

Brooksfield School in Vienna, Virginia gives an education like no other. Here is what education means to those in Vienna, Virginia at Brooksfield School, Hooray for Montessori Kindergarten! Brooksfield Montessori School, located a few miles from Vienna, Virginia, offers a wonderful full day Montessori Kindergarten program. The children work in mixed-age groups in the morning and then with just their kindergartners in the afternoon, while their younger classmates are resting or napping.  Full day Kindergarten students work with hands-on Montessori materials, learning math, science, language & reading, writing, geography, history, art  & art history, music, dance, Spanish and theatre, among other things.  They also spend time in both small and large groups, exposing them to all types of teaching styles and classroom situations.  All of this industry is wrapped in a warm, laughter-filled, joyful setting.  Now THAT is something shout about! For more information about Brooksfield Montessori School's Kindergarten program, please...
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Brooksfield School Summer Camp in Mclean, Virginia

Brooksfield School in McLean, Virginia plans more than education. Visit to see what they have in mind for your child in McLean, Virgina. Summertime in Virginia On the winds of Spring, blows a glorious Virginia Summer. Hot and humid, perhaps, but also filled with splishity-splashity fun!  The children of Brooksfield Montessori school, as well as children from around the community, will be laughing and playing and swimming their way through the summer heat at Brooksfield Summer Camp, a 7-week summer program open to children ages 3 through 10 years. The summer camp boasts a well-qualified, well-trained staff that that plans age-appropriate activities including arts and crafts, water play, field-trips, outdoor adventures, cooking, swimming lessons and much more. Don't be left out in the cold...or should we say, the heat!  Spaces fill quickly, so contact Brooksfield Montessori School today to reserve your spot! For more information about the Brooksfield School Summer Camp,...
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Montessori School in Mclean, Virginia

Brooksfield School in McLean, Virginia gives an education like no other. Here is what education means to those in McLean, Virginia at Brooksfield School, Growing Brooksfield for a Greener tomorrow. Brooksfield Montessori School Gives Back At the last assembly, Brooksfield Montessori School decided to raise money to help the victims of the Japan tragedy.  With the help of parents and staff, the school collected $186 to send to Save The Children's Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children's Emergency Fund.  Also, this private school, which is located just outside of Vienna, Virginia, collected 5 boxes of gently used books that will be donated to Books for America.  Brooksfield is routinely involved in outreach and impresses upon their preschool, Kindergarten and elementary Montessori students, the importance of giving back and reaching out.  For more information on Brooksfield Montessori School in McLean, Virginia please visit
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