4 Ways Montessori-Based Daycare Will Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

4 Ways Montessori-Based Daycare Will Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

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Selecting toddler daycare services in Mclean, VA is an important process. You want to be sure that your child will get the most out of their daily time in daycare, offering vital skills that will prepare them for kindergarten. The question, however, is how you'll know that you've selected the right daycare for your child. If you're thinking about a Montessori-based daycare, there are several benefits that your child will reap as early as kindergarten.

Montessori-Based Daycare Will Improve Concentration

It's hard for any child to sit and concentrate on a task they aren't interested in--especially when that task involves filling out a worksheet or completing another educational assignment they don't understand or have no interest in. When your child attends Montessori preschool, however, they'll gain the pieces to enhance their concentration in several different ways.

They'll be encouraged to continue the learning process when something catches their interest, rather than having their learning time broken up arbitrarily.
They'll have the opportunity to take advantage of hands-on materials in order to capture and hold their attention.
They'll engage in solo learning as well as learning alongside their classmates, developing interpersonal skills along with academic learning.
Enhanced concentration will help your child perform better as soon as they enter kindergarten. They'll be better able to pay attention to the teacher, sit down during circle time, and engage in the educational opportunities offered by the classroom.

Montessori-Based Daycare Will Enhance the Desire to Learn

When your child attends a toddler daycare Montessori preschool, they'll be given the tools, not only to continue learning but also to enjoy the learning process. Many children enter kindergarten already disenchanted with the learning process. They're "bored," or they aren't interested in what the teacher has to say, or they're convinced that the best part of their day is recess or lunch. Through a Montessori preschool education, however, your child will build a deep-seated love of learning that will have them excited about going to school every day. They'll engage with manipulative materials, dig deeper into subjects that interest them, and work to expand their skills under the guidance of teachers who are invested in seeing your child succeed.

There's nothing quite like knowing that your child is engaged in the learning process when you take them to school and drop them off for their first day. Getting to see your child thrive throughout kindergarten is one of the most rewarding parts of offering them a Montessori education from the beginning. No older sibling who hates school, fellow classmate who only wants to go home, or frustrated teacher who's counting down the days to retirement will be able to take that away from them.

Montessori-Based Daycare Will Instill Greater Self-Confidence

All too many children are already aware that they're behind their peers, and they've already given up on the idea that they'll be able to catch up with their classmates. Even children who have high skills in one area may be more likely to identify their failures in other areas. In a Montessori classroom, however, learning is highly individualized. Students are less likely to compare themselves to others because they are each able to learn at their own pace, rather than being held to the pace of the whole class. Montessori learning is designed to increase students' self-confidence throughout the learning process.

Self-guided learning teaches students how to pursue knowledge outside the teacher's guidance. They'll learn how to turn to books, technology, and other resources to increase their knowledge about topics they're interested in.

Self-paced learning encourages children to proceed at their unique pace, rather than sticking to one arbitrarily created by the teacher and based around all of the students in the classroom.

Pursuing their personal interests in the Montessori classroom will teach your child how to better engage with all of their work, building their passion and giving them the tools they need to pursue it more deeply.

You want your child to proceed into their kindergarten classroom with confidence. A Montessori education provides them with the tools to develop that confidence, enhance their learning, and better develop the skills they'll need throughout their entire education.

Montessori-Based Daycare Will Promote Wider Creativity

In many traditional classrooms, creativity is quickly squashed out. Children are taught how they're supposed to use each of the materials that has been provided for them, and if they go outside those instructions, they may be reprimanded for it. That's the last thing you want for your child! The Montessori classroom allows for open exploration, encouraging your child to learn the way that makes the most sense to them. They'll also be allowed to come at problems from their own direction, increasing their learning while improving their ability to guide the learning process. As they transition into a traditional classroom, your child will use that wider creativity to approach roadblocks in their own unique way, taking things from a different angle when they don't make sense and working them out again.

With everything your child stands to gain from a Montessori preschool, it could be the best parenting decision you've ever made! Your child will learn, grow, and thrive in a Montessori environment, developing a love of learning that will remain with them for years in a traditional school system. If you're interested in learning more about the Montessori classroom, how it's different, and how it can help your child, not only in preschool, but in the years to come, schedule a tour! We'd love to provide you with more information.

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