3 Ways Montessori Childcare Gives Your Toddler a Head Start

3 Ways Montessori Childcare Gives Your Toddler a Head Start

When you choose a school with a Montessori approach to childcare, you are choosing to give your child many advantages over other types of preschools and daycare environments.

Here are three big boosts you are giving your toddler when you choose the Montessori method.

The Montessori approach builds self confidence.

Kids in a Montessori environment are taught to focus on what they can do rather than what they can't. The Montessori education model encourages teachers and other adults to allow children to try new things and not be afraid of failure. Kids and their parents are often surprised by how much children can accomplish when they are given the opportunity.

The Montessori approach encourages working together.

A Montessori classroom is set up with several different age groups learning together. This is important because older children learn to teach and younger children get the benefit of the experience of older kids that they admire.

Toddlers at different stages of development are learning different skills and concepts. Your young toddler can learn a lot from an older child, and your older toddler will gain cooperative skills when working with a younger child.

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The Montessori approach celebrates kids' individuality.

The Montessori model is predominantly child led. Kids are given the opportunity to choose their own activities and to pursue their own passions whenever possible.

Even very young children are motivated and excited by different subjects and ideas. A Montessori environment allows kids to be themselves and teaches them it's okay not to fit into a particular mold.

The first five years of life are critical in developing emotional and social skills. Montessori daycare can provide your kids with experiences that they will be able to draw on their entire lives.

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