What to Expect from Toddler Child Care at a Montessori School

What to Expect from Toddler Child Care at a Montessori School

The Montessori experience differs from mainstream educational philosophies, and that's one of the keys to its success. By eliminating the mindless busy-work and allowing children to engage with all of their senses, Montessori toddler child care successfully allows kids to continue loving learning throughout their education. The Montessori philosophy exposes children to nature, the arts and critical thinking skills through conversation and play. Maria Montessori herself said that "play is the work of children" and the fruit of this labor can be seen in the creative thinking, relationship skills and ingenuity that Montessori kids use to succeed as adults.

If you're looking at enrolling your child in our toddler program, here's what you can expect:

Toddler Child Care Has Outdoor Time

The natural world is filled with shapes and colors and seasonal events that can't be duplicated in a classroom. Montessori toddlers are given plenty of time in nature to watch the leaves change color, dig in the dirt and get to know the insects and habitats in the world around them.

Toddler Child Care Teaches The Arts

Children in a Montessori toddler child care program are exposed to plenty of music, movement and creative arts such as drama, painting and sculpture. Educational theorists often argue amongst themselves about the seven types of learners but one consistent factor between all of these philosophies is that very few children learn best sitting at a desk and filling out worksheets.

Toddler Child Care Helps Social Development

Because play is valued, children in Montessori toddler child care are also valued, so that their social development is nurtured and encouraged. Academic success is nearly impossible if one's relationships aren't strong and sustainable. Early childhood is the time when children learn to communicate with the people around them, learning important skills like empathy and compassion.

Toddler Child Care Involves Community Service

Being part of a larger community is a fact of life, and while toddlers aren't expected to comprehend the idea that their little family and school are just one of millions in the world, they are naturally helpful and Montessori encourages helpfulness to foster a sense of community.

Toddler Child Care Improves Fitness

Movement and physical play during the toddler years builds a foundation for a lifetime of health and wellness. A sedentary lifestyle can cause physical and mental problems that negatively impact a child's development.

Our toddler program is designed for 2- and 3-year-olds. Contact us to schedule a tour of our facility, meet with our staff and learn more about our admissions process.

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