Why Private Preschool is the Way to Go

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Preschool is an important developmental period for your child. It is a time that shapes who they are and who they will become. In preschool, children learn social and emotional development, school readiness, language skills, and cognitive skills. These years are imperative to your child’s growth, not only academically, but also personally. Clearly, preschool is important, but how does Montessori teaching fit into this?

Maria Montessori created the Montessori private school system in the early 20th century. She opened up her own school in Rome in 1907 and decided that she wanted to create a classroom environment that encouraged self-discipline and responsibility. The teachers were not strict; they were merely guides. Instead of a teacher-centered learning environment, it was child-centered. This revolutionary idea is what created Montessori teaching. There are now 8,000 Montessori schools in the United States of America.

These schools are considered progressive, and they are allowed to do as they please because they are private. They do not have to abide by the same rules that public schools do; therefore, they are considered private schools. So, what is a private preschool and what are its benefits? Why should you send your child do a private preschool? How is a private preschool different than a public one?

Private Preschool Gives Hands-on Experience

As mentioned before, Montessori education believes in the ideology that the best way to learn is by doing. At a private school, your child is provided with endless tools and opportunities for their education. There is no shortage of materials because of its cost. In addition, since private schools are more selective, they can also be smaller. This allows more personal attention to your child from their teachers, and the small class size also plays into the reason that there is no shortage of tools. This way your preschooler can have the best experience possible!

This experience also teaches children basic life skills, such as how to plant seeds, clean up after themselves, and even make themselves food (mostly snacks). These activities can also help develop your child’s motor skills. The children can play games that stack and sort materials to teach specific skills and let them learn through trial and error. In addition, such child-centered hands-on undertakings also lead to your preschooler learning logic skills.

Private Preschool Teaches Academic Skills

At a private preschool, your child can receive more personal attention to ensure that they are prepared for kindergarten and elementary school academics, especially when it comes to reading and mathematics. Private schools often help children grow up to become more academically motivated, even just from starting at such a young age. This motivation, in turn, will make your child excel academically in their future. At Montessori preschools, children have long “work” periods in an uninterrupted activity of their choice. This teaches them how to concentrate and focus for long periods of time from a very young age.

Ethics and Social Skills at Private Preschools

Besides academic skills, your child will learn ethical skills. At a private preschool, having a smaller group of students can encourage your child to participate in a cooperative learning environment. This type of education can develop your child’s social skills as they learn to work as part of a team. Especially with no reward system or grading system, there will be a lack of competition between the students to maintain a healthy learning environment without any pressures.

Your preschooler will also learn how to understand the emotional needs of their peers by being in such a small group size. Specifically, in Montessori preschools, children are reported to have better social justice and fairness abilities than children who attend regular preschools. Each classroom has guidelines about respecting themselves, respecting others, and respecting the environment that they are in. This sets a precedent for your preschooler to always be kind and respectful as they grow up.

Creativity and Independence

Private schools do not need to follow a certain curriculum or state guidelines and procedures. They can choose whatever programs to use to teach their students. Most of the time, this freedom to design their own curriculum can lead to higher standards for their students. Without the set curriculum, a private preschool can choose to focus on creative skills as well as academic skills.

Specifically, at a Montessori private school, your child can choose their own daily activities and means of learning. Being able to choose and learn how to make decisions often teaches children how to be creative. Having the freedom of being able to choose their own activity, allows them to independently discover what they like and what they are interested in. this leads to decision-making skills, an important part of life skills that even some adults lack. So, why not start learning how to make decisions early? This freedom inspires imagination, collaboration, self-discovery, and individuality. For example, if your preschooler learns the alphabet better through the use of music or art, since some children can be visual learners and others are auditory learners, they have the option to choose their own preference. These types of activities increase children’s independence, confidence and self-esteem, and overall positivity.

Prepare your child for the rest of their lives with a private preschool where they can learn how to develop in a special environment with extra attention. Children at these schools are known to advance quickly and become self-motivated independent learners. They learn how to develop at their own pace in a place of collaboration and peer encouragement. This also gives them a sense of community and strong stability. Another important aspect your preschooler will learn is how to trust other adults. The children are left to pursue their activity, without the interference of grown-ups. This shows that they are respected and gives them the opportunity to master real-life skills on their own. In addition, your child will love going to school. The environment they will spend their days in is calm and orderly. This means your child will be happy and stress-free! Teaching them how to love school from such an early age usually makes them see school and academics in a positive light for the rest of their lives!

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