Brooksfield School Summer Camp in Mclean, Virginia

Brooksfield School in McLean, Virginia plans more than education. Visit to see what they have in mind for your child in McLean, Virgina.

Summertime in Virginia

On the winds of Spring, blows a glorious Virginia Summer. Hot and humid, perhaps, but also filled with splishity-splashity fun!  The children of Brooksfield Montessori school, as well as children from around the community, will be laughing and playing and swimming their way through the summer heat at Brooksfield Summer Camp, a 7-week summer program open to children ages 3 through 10 years. The summer camp boasts a well-qualified, well-trained staff that that plans age-appropriate activities including arts and crafts, water play, field-trips, outdoor adventures, cooking, swimming lessons and much more. Don't be left out in the cold...or should we say, the heat!  Spaces fill quickly, so contact Brooksfield Montessori School today to reserve your spot!

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