Heartfulness for the Holidays

Heartfulness for the HolidaysSeveral years ago an experiment was conducted in Washington, DC in which a group of people decided to practice mental focus for several weeks to affect crime rates. The hope was that crime levels would drop. Before the group began their exercise of positive mental focus, they contacted local officials to inform them of their intent. They were told that nothing short of a severe snow storm would decrease the crime rate. After 6 weeks of up to 4000 people practicing kindness in their thoughts (and it was the middle of summer) the crime rate dropped by  nearly 25% (Hagelin, et al 1993).

So let's try some heartfulness in our own community! November is a time of letting go as we see the leaves turn and release themselves. We experience loss of sunlight, loss of warm days, and the sense that winter is coming soon. We are in the season of sharing our harvest before turning inward. It is a wonderful season for giving thanks and offering our loving thoughts to others.

Think of someone you love, like or enjoy. Close your eyes and imagine that person or perhaps that pet or animal doing something you love that makes you happy. Now send these loving thoughts silently and slowly to that person, pet or animal. Pause in-between each wish and hold that intention:

  • I wish for you to be healthy
  • I wish for you to be happy
  • I wish for you to be peaceful
  • I wish for you to have joy in your life

(I'd like to add: I wish that you feel loved in your life)

Imagine that the person can feel your wishes. Imagine that they become happier. Breathe and notice how you feel.

This is taken from Mindful Schools Curriculum 2013

Photo courtesy of Flickr

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