Seven Reasons We Love Brooksfield


Seven Reasons We Love Brooksfield


To be quite honest, I could write this list every week and every week find seven different reasons that we love Brooksfield. After just a year and a half, we’ve made so many friends, created so many memories, and all of us have grown so much. Long after we’ve moved on to other schools and friends, we will all still look back on our Brooksfield years with such fondness.


Here’s a quick roundup of reasons we love Brooksfield this week.


1. We bought a new game called Zingo this weekend. After one glance, our daughter exclaimed, “I know this game! I play it in Spanish class!” And then she proceeded to teach us how to play.


2. The smile on her face when she wakes up on Friday and realizes it is John Henry day!


3. That we have a small glass jar filled with water and glitter that lives in our kitchen and reminds us to, every so often, take a deep breath and calm our thoughts.


4. Conversations with my daughter in which we discuss our favorite yoga poses.


5. Looking through her folder together on Thursday afternoons and admiring a collection of bead stair sheets and moveable alphabet booklets.


6. That when we heard the Mickey Mouse Club theme song this morning we all wanted to shout, “What’s the name of the school that’s made for you and me?!”


7. Watching our girl grow from the shyest, youngest, smallest girl in school to an older, wiser, helper to the small ones.


Why do you love Brooksfield?



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