Three Ways that Montessori Will Benefit Your Child

Three Ways that Montessori Will Benefit Your Child

The Montessori education was created to help children succeed in their own way, encouraging children to learn through their own natural and creative processes, and absorbing knowledge from their surrounding environment.

In the early 20th century, Maria Montessori created the Montessori curriculum in order to cultivate a school environment that encompassed the needs of every child, including those who were economically disadvantaged and had learning disabilities. Today, those fundamental tenets remain true. To date, more than 5,000 private schools employ Montessori programs, and the curriculum held in place is helping children grow and learn in ways they never thought possible.

So, what about Montessori is so special? Here are three ways that Montessori can enrich your child's life:

  1. The Montessori Method Inspires Creativity
    As part of the Montessori curriculum, children are permitted to choose their own activities and means of learning and understanding the lesson. Finding their own educational way inspires creativity within children. As part of this process, the method encourages activities that proliferate self discovery, imagination, collaborative creation, and individuality. Music and art are just two of many ways children achieve this; according to research, these activities also help develop social skills and a positive sense of self-esteem.

  2. Montessori Helps Build Cooperative Skills
    As part of the Montessori curriculum, students are encouraged to navigate lessons in small groups. These cooperative learning environments teach children important social skills, such as how to work as a team, and further hones childrens' abilities to understand the emotional needs of their peers. In a recent study, Montessori children scored much higher on behavioral and social tests; within this, they demonstrated higher levels of understanding regarding justice and fairness as compared to non-Montessori students.

  3. Montessori Methods Work
    As far as providing your child with the best education possible, the Montessori method is proven to provide children with just that, giving them the academic skills they need to excel into adulthood. Studies show that children from Montessori private schools are not only more academically motivated, but they also are apt to excel academically as compared to public school students.
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