Three Essential Back to School Tips for Montessori Children

Three Essential Back to School Tips for Montessori Children

As August nears its end, fall is just around the corner. And with that, it's time to return to school. For children and parents alike, this is an exciting time, when children are able to enter the next chapter of their educational journey.

For the 5300 Montessori programs within the United States, this is particularly resonant. Montessori programs take a different approach to learning, encouraging children to engage with learning on their own terms, in a collaborative environment that fosters both intellectual and emotional growth.

Here are three handy back to school tips for Montessori children and parents alike. With these tips in your pocket, your child's year of Montessori education will be both exciting and the learning experience of their life!

  1. Allow Your Children to Learn on Their Own
    Maria Montessori opened the first of many Montessori programs in 1907; the educational program was designed to help and enable children from all walks of life to grow and prosper. The thing about Montessori that allows children to find the path to personal development, however, is letting them help themselves. In fact, Maria herself said it best:

    "…beyond a certain point every help given to a child is an obstacle to its development."

    Indeed, allowing your child to go through the process of learning on their own not only enables them to acquire knowledge in a way that works for them, but it also instills them with a vital sense of self confidence that they will continue to carry with them.

  2. Organization and Order Makes a Difference
    They say a chaotic space translates to a chaotic mind, and this is especially true for children. By teaching children that everything has a proper place from a young age, you are providing them with an essential tool that will help them in both their educational and personal life.

    To help your child with organization, make it a fun and continual task. For tasks such as organizing clothing, make labels out of colorful paper, and encourage your child to organize their things in ways that are creative and easy to manage. For educational matters, provide them with a weekly planner that will keep their school priorities managed and in one space.

  3. We Can All Learn Through Nature
    This tip is for parents and children alike. In this technological age, we are all so plugged in that we often forget to stop and smell the flowers every now and again. Take some time out of each day to be outside and enjoy the natural beauty of our planet. The Montessori curriculum emphasizes learning through your own natural surroundings, and there's no better place to do so than outside!
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