Brooksfield's Elementary Chefs "Knocked It Out Of The Park"

Brooksfield's Elementary Chefs "Knocked It Out Of The Park"

Tuesday was our third “Farm to Table” cooking adventure in the Upper School.  Our chefs for the day prepared lunch for their classmates and teachers.  The menu was our first “international” offering –

  • Coconut beef and vegetable curry
  • Cucumber-Mint Raita
  • Chapatti / steamed rice
  • Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting 

All three chefs were very responsible in the cooking area, chopping, measuring, pouring, stirring and blending with care. Working cooperatively and respectfully meant that everyone was permitted to use all of the cooking utensils, even the pointy ones, and take turns working at the stove.

The smells wafting up the stairs from the Upper School were fabulous as the curry simmered to perfection.  The squash we used was grown in our summer garden and we harvested the potatoes minutes before we dropped them into the pot!  Mint and onion greens, the first few herbs offered up by the gardens this spring made their way into the raita and as a garnish for the rice and curry.  Our Chef's proved to be a stellar choppers, as well as masters with the wooden spoon and electric mixer. They demonstrated considerable skill and care browning the meat and icing the cupcakes.

Some of the Upper School students declared this meal the best ever and even those who hesitated to try it, eventually returned for seconds and thirds!  Well done Brooksfield Chefs!  You really did hit this one out of the park!

Summer squash 

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