How the Montessori Method Prepares Your Child for First Grade

How the Montessori Method Prepares Your Child for First Grade

When your child has experienced the benefits the Montessori method has to offer at Brooksfield School, they feel prepared to take the next step to first grade, and you should too!

The impact of a Montessori education and a child's love of learning will be greatest the earlier the child has started being taught using the principles in the Montessori method. It is for this reason Brooksfield School was founded; to provide the best possible start for each child prior to beginning their elementary education.

While every child comes to first grade with different learning and social skills, children that have been taught the hallmark Montessori traits of independent thinking, problem solving, curiosity, and respect for everyone have increased abilities and confidence to begin the next stage in their education.

When a child begins first grade, they will be in a class called lower elementary, composed of first, second, and third year students. Although the different age groups are sometimes pulled out for specific lessons or special classes, the mixed grades provide an opportunity for the older kids to help the younger ones, and the younger children take comfort that they have a special helper designated to assist them as they adjust to their new classroom environment.

This dynamic will come as no surprise to children who are already accustomed to the Montessori method, and they will relish spending time with older children and look forward to next year when they are able to lead the new first years through class routines.

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