Interdependence at Montessori Schools

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While it is well-known that Montessori schools foster confidence and independence in their students, they also promote interdependence as a major value.

Students should feel connected with other people, as well as nature, so we encourage them to explore these relationships whenever possible. Through actively learning about the importance of interdependence, students at Brooksfield School become more empathetic, mature, and proactive members of their communities.

Pod Learning Promotes Interdependence

One way in which all children at Montessori schools experience interdependence is through participating in three-year pods. Older students in each “pod” serve as mentors for the younger students, providing them with help or guidance whenever needed. All students experience both being the mentor and the mentee during their time at Brooksfield so that they can better learn how to both help their peers and be helped by their peers. As a result, students become more caring, respectful, and even responsible. When children grow older and are given this leadership opportunity, they typically remember what is was like to be helped by others and want to give back to younger students in the same way.

Collaborative Learning Teaches Interdependence

Collaborative learning also helps our students understand how to better relate with and learn from one another. Montessori education is naturally very social, as we want to give students a realistic introduction to the world. Students regularly compare, discuss, and collaborate. Not only does this encourage creativity, but the social aspect also helps them become more comfortable with working with others. Children who experience this during school understand that they can help others while also being helped by them, as we all have our own unique ideas and perspectives.

Interdependence Through Nature Education

In addition to learning how to connect with one another, we also ensure that our students feel comfortable in and around nature through a variety of activities. Our organic garden provides children with a unique outlet for this. Students learn how to nurture and care for different types of plants and feel a sense of pride and confidence from successfully helping them grow. At Brooksfield School, students help one another learn and grow, just like they learn how to take care of the world around them.

Overall, in order to provide our students with a well-rounded education that will improve their emotional intelligence in addition to their academic skills, Brooksfield School always strives to promote interdependence among our students and their environment. Interdependence is an important skill for all people to learn, and when they do so at a young age, they are able to enjoy the benefits earlier than usual.

Specifically, whether they are taking part in our pods, collaborative learning activities, or nature education programs, these practices help our students learn respect, appreciation, confidence, and more.

If you have any questions about how these tactics aimed at interdependence could help your own child’s growth and development, then please schedule an appointment with any of our admissions counselors. We love seeing our students thrive both inside and outside of the classroom, and you are sure to notice the Brooksfield difference as well.

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