Detox 101: February 28th

Hi to tour Group! 

I am on day 2 of the modified Master Cleanse.

This morning my alarm was not necessary.  I was up and out before it went off!

The dry brushing was really helpful and the hot shower felt great.

Journaling is good because a lot is coming up that certainly hasn't had the time or space to come up before.

My days are busier than I would like but the thermos is filled with the cleanse and my mind feels super sharp!

The hunger comes and goes so riding that wave is interesting. No specific food cravings at this time.

Hopefully some of you are going to do the cleanse and if you can't this weekend, let me know and I will be happy to coach you through at a later date.

For me, it has already had so many benefits, it will become a regular routine to my seasons changing.

Take Care and be well!

Mary Anne

Detox 101: Day Two
Detox 101: Master Cleanse

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