Why Private School?

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No matter what age your child is, it's never too late to put them in private school. With exposure to premium education with professional staff and activities to fill up your child's day, private schools can give your child what other schools can't. If you're still on the fence about whether your child should attend private school, we've compiled a list of what you can expect from privatized education and the continual benefits it will offer you and your child. 

Being Held to a Higher Standard

Every parents want the best for your child and so does their school. Private schools hold their students to a higher academic standard that will show when compared to children their age of public schools. Whether your child is in elementary or just about to graduate high school, private schools demand more graduation requirements that will further prepare them for what's ahead. Along with the course load and quality of work, private schools will ensure that your child is well-rounded with extracurricular activities that they will not only enjoy, but will prepare them for college.

When a school as a whole raises the bar on how it wants its students to perform, every student is going to work to meet that bar. Where in public school, student success is left up to the internal motivation of the student, motivation from the school and it's educators is evident throughout.

Student-Teacher Ratio

With a private school education, you can be sure that your child will be getting the attention that they deserve. Private schools offer smaller class sizes to cater to the special needs of each child. While public schools are overrun with too many students and few teachers, it's possible that your child could get lost in the sea of children. These small groups of students will not only allow the teacher to give your child more attention, but also help your child build strong connections and relationships. 

As opposed to public schools, teachers of private schools have first degrees in the subject that they teach. Teachers will have expert knowledge on their subject and you can ensure that your child will be taught by someone who will help them succeed. 


When your child attends private school, they will be exposed to numerous opportunities to explore their interests in the community. Exposure to the arts, volunteer opportunities, and a specialized curriculum will give your child the chance to experience all that private school has to offer. Due to funding, private schools offer programs that are unheard of in public schools. While public schools lack in art, music, and other creative programs, most private schools offer extensive programs and continue to develop them as they wish. 

Private schools also offer superb facilities. "Learning labs" and media centers are stocked full of up-to-date technology and updated information. First rate athletics are what private schools are known for, having a large selection for students to choose from. Pools for swimming and fields for lacrosse and hockey are just a few of the sports that schools may offer. 

No matter what your child is interested in, private school is the number one place to experience anything they'd like. Participation is optional, but it is expected. Professional staff meets these extracurricular requirements so that your child can be coached by the best. 

There are numerous benefits to your child attending private school. When narrowing down your options, consider these qualities in a school. Brooksfield School can offer higher education opportunities and an outstanding staff that is dedicated to your child's success. Contact us for more information on private school education.

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