3 Paths to Imaginative Play


As a parent, you want your child to grow up to be the best person that he or she can be. One important part of growth is learning to be independent and imaginative.

Nowadays, encouraging independent and imaginative play with your child can be difficult. More and more kids play with tablets and other technological devices, which can be educational and a lot of fun. However, these devices can discourage kids from playing on their own.

Luckily, as a parent, there are steps that you can take. These are three tips that can help you encourage your child to be independent and imaginative, even in today's tech-heavy world.

1. Provide the Right Toys

First of all, you can't really expect your child to do anything else if all that you buy for birthdays and holidays are technological toys. Although there is nothing wrong with buying tablets and other devices for your child, you should also consider providing toys that can be used for other types of play.

The good news is that these toys can be a lot more affordable. Things like sidewalk chalk can be used outdoors, and small plastic toys, wooden building blocks and other similar toys can be used in the house. You can even use things that you have lying around the home right now to promote creative, imaginative play; for example, you can use your old pots and pans and empty cereal boxes so that your child can play "kitchen."

Next time that you are shopping for a gift or looking for something for your child to play with, consider looking for things that your child can use to play imaginatively.

2. Set Aside Time for Technology-Free Play

If you don't tell your child otherwise, he or she might not ever put the technological devices aside to play in other ways. This is why you should step in and encourage technology-free play.

For example, consider setting aside a certain amount of time each day in which your child should go outside to play or go into his or her bedroom to play independently, without any devices. Even if your child resists at first, he or she is sure to have fun and find something imaginative to do. Incorporating more tech-free play can help your child build a strong imagination and can show him or her that a technological device isn't needed in order to have a little bit of fun.

3. Enroll Your Child in Montessori School

If you are currently shopping around for the best educational option for your child, you should conside Montessori school. Montessori school is completely unique when compared to other educational options.

In fact, one of the main goals of a Montessori school is to promote independence. Children are given time to travel around various stations and to play and learn both alone and with others. They aren't led by a teacher like in traditional classrooms, which means that they have to use their imaginations and work on their independence.

Montessori schools have a lot of benefits, but this is one of the main ones. By combining the above-mentioned tips and sending your child to Montessori school, you are sure to see a difference in just how independent and imaginative he or she is.

If you would like to find out more about Montessori education, schedule a tour at Brooksfield School. We would be more than happy to tell you more about our program and talk to you about enrolling your child in Montessori school. In no time, you are sure to see all of the many benefits of Montessori school.

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