Private Schools in Virginia: 5 Reasons to Pick Private

private-schools-in-virginia-5-reasons-to-send-your-little-one-to-private-schoolYou probably already know that there are quite a few good private schools in Virginia, but you might have never thought about sending your little one to any school other than a public school.

Many of the public schools in Virginia are great, but this doesn't mean that public school isn't a good option for your child. These are a few reasons why you may want to consider private school for your little one.

Private Schools Ensure Specialized Attention

There are many great teachers in the public school system. Unfortunately, public school teachers are often overworked and underpaid, and they usually have large classrooms full of children to teach. A teacher who is responsible for teaching 25, 30 or more students each day obviously can't give each child the individualized attention that he or she deserves. It's not the teacher's fault, but ultimately, it's your child who has to suffer.

In a private school setting, however, this generally isn't a problem. Classroom sizes are often much smaller, which means that your child will get more attention.

Choose a Learning Style with Private Schools

Most public schools use the same learning and teaching style. However, if your child has particular needs, then he or she might benefit from a different type of teaching style.

You can't expect these things in a public school setting. If you do opt to send your child to private school, however, you can choose a school that suits the teaching and learning styles and curriculum that you prefer. For best results, make sure that you do your homework and shop around to find out about each private school in your area. There are all sorts of options out there: schools that specialize in Montessori-style learning, traditional private schools, religious private schools and many others. By shopping around, you're sure to find one that is a good fit for your child.

Private Schools Increase Parent Involvement

Do you prefer to spend time helping in your child's school and being involved in events, meetings and parties?

You might not get to be as involved as you would prefer in a public school setting. However, private schools generally encourage parent involvement, so you'll be able to spend time in your child's school, around your little one and his or her friends, friends' parents, teachers and other school staff members.

Private Schools Improve Educational Opportunities

Along with often having different curriculum options and different teaching styles, private schools often offer more educational opportunities in general for students. For example, your child may be able to work on higher-level work, may be able to enjoy standardized test preparation and otherwise might be able to improve his or her educational opportunities.

Teachers at Private Schools May Be More Qualified

Private schools are often able to pay their teachers more, which means that they can be a bit more picky about who they hire. You might find that the teachers in a private school setting are better qualified -- they may be more passionate about their careers, they might be better-educated, they might have more experience and they might otherwise be more qualified to provide your child with the learning that he or she deserves.

As you can see, sending your child to private school can be a solid option if you want to ensure that he or she enjoys all of these benefits and otherwise gets the best education possible. If you contact us at Brooksfield School, we can tell you more about the educational opportunities that we have to offer for your child.

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