Benefits of Montessori School

montessori-school-what-are-the-long-term-benefitsYou know that when you enroll your child in a Montessori school, you’re giving your child the gift of an education that they’ll love. But did you know that the benefits of Montessori school extend far beyond the school itself?

Engaging in a Montessori education is associated with a wide variety of positive long-term outcomes, even for students as young as preschoolers. More than just an education that you and your child will love, we’re confident that the Montessori method will benefit your child for years to come.

Benefit of Montessori School #1: Academics 

Children who have participated in a Montessori education tend to have better academic outcomes than children who haven’t. In particular, researchers found in one study that students who had been enrolled in a Montessori preschool had better academic outcomes than their peers. In other words, students were still reaping the benefits of early immersion in Montessori education years after they left the Montessori environment. 

Benefit of Montessori School #2: Social Awareness

The Montessori method equips students with the social skills necessary to successfully navigate situations both inside and outside the classroom. Students are able to interact with older and younger peers in multi-age classrooms, allowing them to teach and to learn from one another. The decreased emphasis on traditional achievement measures such as letter grades allows students to build a collaborative, rather than competitive, atmosphere. Ultimately, Montessori students tend to develop high levels of social sensitivity and social maturity.

Benefit of Montessori School #3: Maturity

Students who have participated in Montessori classrooms have been found to have higher levels of “executive functions,” which are a host of essential skills that include paying attention, shifting easily between tasks, and using self-control to resist temptation. Executive functions are associated with success later in life, which is why it’s important that a Montessori education provides an ideal environment for executive functions to develop. 

Benefit of Montessori School #4: Autonomy

Montessori is a highly child-directed method, meaning that children are free to tailor their education to their unique interests. In contrast with traditional education, which holds a more “one size fits all” approach, the Montessori method gives children the opportunity to build upon their strengths. Engaging in self-directed learning with the freedom to answer unscripted questions pushes children to take control of their education. Furthermore, instead of asking children to answer only the questions they’re given, the Montessori method allows children to realize that they can be creative in the questions that they ask. This gives children the chance to take ownership over their own education. 

Benefit of Montessori School #5: Community

Although this might not be one of the most obvious benefits of Montessori school, it’s certainly one of the most important. Enrolling your child in a Montessori-based school gives you and your child access to a vibrant community of parents, children, and educators who all place a high value on the importance of education. Children have the opportunity to make lifelong friends, and parents become part of a supportive network.

With all the benefits that a Montessori school confers, we’re excited about preparing your child for a fulfilling future using our Montessori-based curriculum. For residents of McClean, VA, Brooksfield School offers a high-quality Montessori education that will help your child truly engage in his or her education. We encourage you to contact us or to visit our website to learn more about how a Montessori education at Brooksfield School can benefit your child. 

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