Helping Children Transition Better Through Life With Montessori

Helping Children Transition Better Through Life With Montessori


We all go through various stages as a child, some of us with more success than others. Unfortunately, many education facilities are ill-prepared to help a child mature through these stages. For many of us in the past it was all a part of growing up, though a part we didn't feel comfortable discussing. Sadly, it is safe to say that going through these stages improperly can derail a life.

However, Montessori education methods provide a unique chance for your child to go through these periods unscathed emotionally. It creates an emotionally comforting and relaxing environment which can be used as a springboard for improved transitioning and a stronger sense of self later in life.

Children Go Through Transitional Periods

As children age, they go through several transition periods. These periods are typically tied to their intellectual and physical development. When they are infants, they are reliant entirely on you for everything. As they age, they grow more intelligent and independent of you.

For example, they transition from infancy to a pre-school age. At a pre-school age, they will be learning how to manipulate their environment, the early stages of education, and proper behavior in group environments. Many children struggle to escape the protective environment of their parents at this age.

From pre-school, they transition to elementary school. During this stage, they are at one of the most important developmental parts of their life. Much of their personality will be formed here, as will the basis of their further education. Struggles in this area can cause a child to have major learning problems later on in life.

After elementary school comes middle school and the potential concerns of puberty. Children who go through puberty at a younger age often struggle to adjust to this difficult period in a comforting way. Beyond this problem, middle school is hard for many children because cliques and groups will form and the beginning of high school difficulties may start raising their head here.

High school is one of the last transitional phases a child moves through and it is one of the most difficult. By the time they leave high school, they are legally an adult and the transitions and choices they made through the previous years will affect the rest of their lives. The competitive, experimental, and even sexual nature of high school is traumatic for many children.

These are just a few of the ways children can transition, but they can all be very difficult for your child to live through. Failure to move through them in a healthy and supporting environment can lead to further difficulties adjusting later in life. For example, a child who struggles in high school may end up making poor life decisions as an adult that derails their success.

These Can Be Traumatic

Transition periods are often traumatic to children because of the ways they change their lives. For example, a child transitioning to pre-school often has a hard time getting used to being without their parents. They are suddenly thrust in a new environment with people they don't know and caregivers that may scare them.

Moving to elementary school is usually a little easier, as pre-school is designed to help. However, the more demanding environment of elementary school can also be problematic. Many children struggle to be good learners and may transition quite poorly. This can result in difficulties in middle school and high school.

The biggest problem when transitioning to middle school and high school is puberty. Children going through puberty often suffer from the emotional trauma this difficult period can create. The new sexual desires, the changes in height and weight, and rejection all make this a difficult period.

Understanding this trauma, and helping children move through it, is crucial to helping them stay happy and successful. One of the best ways to do this is to let your child attend a Montessori education center and learn using the groundbreaking methods that are practiced there.

How Montessori Helps

Montessori helps these struggling children by providing them with a comprehensive understanding of who they are, as observed by skilled teachers over their entire life. Rather than being passed from teacher to teacher without a care, they are carefully studied and lessons plans are developed to meet their unique needs.

For example, Montessori will quickly identify a problem a child may be having with their lessons. It could be simply sounding out specific syllables or having difficulty adapting to working with other children. With the caring hand of Montessori educators, it is possible to resolve this situation quickly and easily.

Their teachers will be able to identify the source of their problems and find a way to help them move through their difficult transitional period. For example, a child who is struggling with reading may simply need someone to sit down with them and talk about it more closely. Proper reading skills early on in life can help them become more successful later.

As a result, it is safe to say that Montessori is a crucial way of helping children adapt to new situations. These transition periods are easier for everyone if the child has been given a caring environment which takes into account their past and present to create the future that they deserve.

Learning More About Montessori

If you think your child could benefit from the power of Montessori education, please contact us today. We can help educate you on this important teaching tool and how it can help your children succeed.

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