The Benefits of a Montessori Curriculum for Your Child

home programs kindergartenIt’s never too early to start thinking about what kind of education you want for your child, and right now there are more options than ever, including a plethora of public schools, private schools, as well as specific-curriculum designed programs. The Montessori curriculum, however, has been around for many years and is gaining more attention.  

About the Montessori Curriculum

The Montessori model was developed in 1907 by Dr. Maria Montessori. It was designed to provide a unique education for children from low-income families and children with disabilities. The Montessori classrooms teach children at a variety of ages, in blocks that are dedicated to different learning opportunities. Unlike traditional educational methods, the Montessori curriculum allows students to choose their own activities and work with their peers in small groups. Teachers guide the students and assist them as needed, but the education style does not include a grading or testing system.

Montessori schools are typically private, but some public schools are beginning to adopt the innovative Montessori curriculum and education style. There are a number of preschool and Kindergarten Montessori programs across the nation, and the method is starting to work its way into many secondary schools as well.

Benefits of Montessori Curriculum

  1. A curriculum adapted to your child’s unique learning style — One of the greatest things about Montessori education is that it values each child as an individual, recognizing that each child learns in their own unique way. Montessori children are allowed to work at their own pace and are not forced to move onto the next level until they are ready.
  2. Close-knit, diverse communities Montessori classrooms have children of varying ages, typically in a three-year age range. The age diversity in these classrooms creates a family-like environment for children, in which students support each other and help each other learn. Older students are able to mentor their younger peers, while younger students have strong role models to look up to and learn from.
  3. More freedom in the classroom — The Montessori education gives students an active role in choosing their lessons and activities. Within a set of parameters, students have more freedom to decide what they want to learn and how they want to learn it. This not only supports a child's curiosity, but also encourages them to become lifelong learners.

These are just a few of the many great things about the Montessori curriculum that has led more and more parents to choose this educational style for their children. Studies have shown that Montessori students have greater undivided interest and a greater motivation to learn. Montessori provides students with skills and a thirst for knowledge that they will keep with them for the rest of their lives.

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