Stunning Private School in McLean, VA

Brooksfield School is a private school in Northern Virginia that educates children in the preschool through 4th grade age range.  Brooksfield's program is a highly regarded, highly academic program...with a twist.  The twist is that creating an atmosphere of love, acceptance and nurture in each classroom is the underpinning of their educational philosophy. Children in the Montessori preschool and Montessori elementary programs are taught HOW to think, not WHAT to think. They are guided and challenged through discovery, exciting activities, and individual and group lessons from highly trained, experienced teachers.  Walking into a Brooksfield classroom, you instantly feel the energy and natural excitement for learning. The rooms are alive with industry and the children are focused and engaged but also free to social and move and just be children. If you have not yet witnessed this stunning school, which incidentally sits on 5 gorgeous acres (facilitating a lot of wonderful outdoor...
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After School Program McLean VA

Brooksfield Montessori School , located near Arlington, Virginia, on five wooded acres, not only offers a truly incredible Montessori program for preschool , kindergarten and elementary children, but a wonderfully rich after-care program as well. Brooksfield's Extended Day program is led by two experienced, well-trained teachers who design activities that are age-appropriate and fun for the children in each age group. The afternoon includes arts and crafts, cooking and special snacks, stories, games, free-play, outdoor play, indoor field trips, computer time, songs and games, to name a few.  Sometimes, they even have a silly hair day or a cozy pajama day.  And, now Extended Day will be offered during Brooksfield's Summer Camp  ,as well.  And, Brooksfield now has a beautiful new bus for field trips. Awesome! For more information about Brooksfield Montessori's After School Program , please visit

Private Full Day Kindergarten

Brooksfield Montessori School in Northern Virginia , offers a wonderful full-day Kindergarten program. The program is largely Montessori based, of course, but it also incorporates a few main-stream activities, such as small and large group lessons and some work in workbooks.  The children are mixed with the preschool Montessori children in the morning and then split into an all Kindergarten group while the little ones rest or nap. Further, the Kindergarten children have opportunities to work with the elementary program students during a program Brooksfield calls "buddy reading," where Kindergarten children read with Upper School children. And, Kindergartners are invited to join Brooksfield Players, the school's theatre group that is comprised of children ages five through ten.  Brooksfield's comprehensive program also includes formal lessons in art , music, movement, Spanish and Outdoor Adventures, to name a few.  For more information on Brooksfield private School , please visit

Summer Camp In McLean, Virginia

Brooksfield Montessori School's summer camp , which is open to children ages 3-9, is located on the private school's gorgeous 5 acre lot in McLean, just a few miles from Reston, VA.  The grounds include a beautiful playground, a field for sports and field games and a sprawling wooded area that is perfect for nature walks.  Brooksfield school's camp includes swimming lessons, outdoor adventures, arts and crafts, water play, playground time, stories, cooking, dancing, singing, friendship, field trips and a boatload of summer FUN!  Children in both the primary Montessori program and the Elementary Montessori program are invited to attend as well as neighborhood children and children from other area schools.  Spaces are limited, so apply early!  For more information about Brooksfield Summer Camp which is located in McLean, Virginia, please visit

Metropolitan DC Private School

Children from all over the DC metropolitan area come to tour Brooksfield private Montessori school , which is located in McLean, VA, not far from Oakton, Virginia.  What they find is a warm, happy, industrious atmosphere where children and parents alike are welcomed with friendly greetings and the happy sounds of children.  They peek into classrooms in the lower school to see children in the Montessori preschool program and the Montessori Kindergarten program spooning lentils, counting objects, washing windows, having snack, painting, doing multiplication with beads, learning to read using the movable alphabet, writing creative stories, classifying living and non-living objects, studying the continents of the world, for example.  Or, they pop into the Montessori Elementary program to find students labeling parts of speech, working on "infinity street," writing poetry and studying iambic pentameter, studying respected artists, or making human element chains while learning the periodic table, for instance.   Touring parents...
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Montessori School in McLean gets Bus Transportation!

Brooksfield Montessori School which is located in McLean, Virginia, not only offers preschool and kindergarten Montessori programs (including full-day Kindergarten), but also an outstanding elementary Montessori program as well. Brooksfield's elementary students experience a well-rounded, exciting, experiential, highly academic program that is taught by warm, experienced, Montessori trained teachers who guide their students into becoming thinkers and problem solvers with a thirst for learning.  And, Brooksfield School now has their own shiny new school bus for field trips!  If you haven't had a tour of Brooksfield Montessori school the office for a visit!   For more information or to schedule a tour, please visit 

Brooksfield School gets a new bus!

Brooksfield bus
At the end of the month, Brooksfield School located in McLean, Virginia will now have it's very own bus!  Look for the bus around town as we take it on local field trips around Northern Virginia!

My New Love: CardStar

Since I have the organizing gene, anytime I can improve a system or process or use something in a new way that saves time or somehow is better, it is always something to celebrate.  I have been singing the praises of my new found treasure, the App, CardStar . My purse got about 5 pounds lighter thanks to an organizing friend who introduced me to it.   CardStar holds digitally all of the plastic cards and key tabs that many stores and restaurants entice us with to get discounts.   Viola, my wallet is not overstuffed and my three key rings (yes, I have three) can now just hold keys because all of the plastic cards and key tags can be left home!  In addition to the convenience of not having to carry all of the extra plastic, CardStar saves us time too as it organizes the cards alphabetically so there is no...
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Richard Louv: "The Nature Principle"

  Mary Anne with National Bestselling Author, Richard Louv. Louv is best known for his book, "Last Child in the Woods". He has just published,"The Nature Principle" which addresses reconnecting with life in a virtual age. We have an autographed copy in the office for parents to borrow. Louv's urge to us at Brooksfield is to keep up our good work AND to not only support sustainability but to also CREATE MORE NATURE.  Join us in brainstorming on this topic!    

I Got My Counter Back!

It has been really hard for me as the resident "neat freak" in our house to have cluttered kitchen counters these last few weeks.  My daughter has been working on her 1st grade assignment to create a leprechaun trap since the assignment was given a few weeks back.  Her quite large creation has been residing on our kitchen counter as she finessed it.  Today was the day that her project was due so I excitedly helped her transport it to school!  She also had a birthday party at the end of February so we have been working on her thank you notes at the kitchen table.   Of course an active 7 year old can only do a few at a time, so the box of notes has remained on the counter to be available when inspiration struck.  We finally sat down this weekend and she did a great job finishing them...
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