New Year's Tip #3 - Managing Time

Okay, I realize it is mid-February, however we are still in the 1st quarter of the new year.  The number one reason why most people want to get organizedis to do more with their 24 hours, and to live better.  We all feel pressed for time and really the best, easiest and cheapest way to add more time in our day is to find it through getting organized.  Do you know that the average person loses an hour a day looking for things, day dreaming, procrastinating and trying to figure out what they should do? I think this is a conservative estimate and really most of us waste more time daily.  How can we stop this continual waste of time?  If you do the math, an hour a day adds up to two weeks a year of wasted time. The following ideas can be applied to both our personal and work...
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Private Montessori Program in McLean, VA

Just a short drive from Reston, Virginia, Brooksfield Montessori School offers a  private Montessori preschool program, a full-day Kindergarten and a Montessori elementary program.  In every classroom in this bright, brilliant, warm school, the children are respected and taught to respect.  The Montessori Method focuses specifically on respect for self, respect for others and respect for environment.  As such, Brooksfield's students take pride in learning to wash their hands properly, brush their teeth and prepare their own snacks.  In respecting their surroundings, they are given lessons in table washing, floor sweeping, crumbing, window washing etc.  And, out of respect for each other, both children and adults use manner words such as please, thank you and excuse me regularly.  The children take delight in all of these wonderful activities and enjoy being a part of their classroom community. For more information on the Montessori Method, or Brooksfield Montessori School, please visit

Full Day Private Kindergarten Program in McLean, VA

Brooksfield Montessori School , which is conveniently located in the Washington metro area, near Reston, Virginia, offers a full day Kindergarten that is well rounded, adding both academic subjects and the arts to the curriculum.  The kindergarten children in this private Montessori program use hands-on materials and experiential activities to learn and master concepts.  For instance, the children may visit an aquarium when studying marine life or an art museum when learning about a particular artist.  In addition, the children are surrounded by warm, loving teachers who are experienced and extremely well-trained.  Now THAT'S a recipe for success! For more information on Brooksfield's Full Day Kindergarten program in McLean, VA,  please visit

Extended Day Program in Private School

The After School Program at Brooksfield private school, located in McLean, Virginia, is top notch.  The Extended Day program begins at 3pm and includes activities such as outdoor play, arts and crafts, cooking, games, free play, field games, stories, songs, and even in-house field trips. Also, the incredible and well-trained after care teachers plan special activities such as Muffins with Mom and Donuts With Dad, which delight children and parents alike. All preschool, Kindergarten and elementary Montessori children are eligible for the program. Spaces fill, sign up now for your Fall 2011 Extended Day spot! For more information on Brooksfield Montessori School's After School Care, please visit

Excellent Summer Camp in McLean

On the winds of Spring, blows a glorious Virginia Summer. Hot and humid, perhaps, but also filled with splishity-splashity fun!  The children of Brooksfield Montessori school, as well as children from around the community, will be laughing and playing and swimming their way through the summer heat at Brooksfield Summer Camp, a 7-week summer program open to children ages 3 through 10 years. The summer camp boasts a well-qualified, well-trained staff that that plans age-appropriate activities including arts and crafts, water play, field-trips, outdoor adventures, cooking, swimming lessons and much more. Don't be left out in the cold...or should we say, the heat!  And, Brooksfield now offers Extended Day hours during camp! Spaces fill quickly, so contact Brooksfield Montessori School today, to reserve your spot! Brooksfield School in McLean, Virginia plans more than education. Visit to learn more about  summer camp in Northern Virginia.   

Montessori Elementary in Northern Virginia

Brooksfield Montessori School which is located outside of Reston, Virginia, not only offers preschool and kindergarten Montessori programs (including full-day Kindergarten), but also an outstanding elementary Montessori program as well. Brooksfield's elementary students experience a well-rounded, exciting, experiential, highly academic program that is taught by warm, experienced, Montessori trained teachers who guide their students into becoming thinkers and problem solvers with a thirst for learning.  If you haven't had a tour of Brooksfield Montessori school yet...check out this video..and then call the office for a visit!

New Year's Organizing Tip #2 - Where does it go?

Okay, now that you have purged all of the old paper andclutter from your rooms it is time to organize them.  The best way to get organized and stay that way is to zoneyour rooms and assign a home to every object. Sounds like a lot of work, but it isn't really.  So, for example in the family room, common activities may be playing video games, watching t.v., reading and relaxing.  Objects you will need to contain are video games, DVDs, books, remote controls, wraps and throws, etc.  Start one room at a time and find ahome for everything.  Once you have a home for EVERYTHING then literally it should take less than 10 minutes to pick up several rooms in your home. The harder clutter to contain is paper because it can quickly become overwhelming and look worse than it is if it isn't processed every day.  Know the pattern of...
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McLean area Summer Camp!

Spring is on its way...and then it's just a hop, skip and a splash away from SUMMER TIME!  So, sign up now for Brooksfield Montessori School's 2012 summer camp!  The camp, which is open to children ages 3-9, is located on the school's gorgeous 5 acre lot in McLean, just a few miles from Arlington, VA.  The grounds include a beautiful playground, a field for sports and field games and a sprawling wooded area that is perfect for nature walks.  Brooksfield's camp includes swimming lessons, outdoor adventures, arts and crafts, water play, playground time, stories, cooking, dancing, singing, friendship, indoor field trips and a boatload of summer FUN!  Children in both the primary Montessori program and the Elementary Montessori program are invited to attend.  Spaces are limited to call submit your camp application today! For more information about Brooksfield Summer Camp, please visit

New Year's Clutter Busting Strategy # 1 - Purge the Stuff

As we start a new year, I thought it would be helpful to discuss clutter busting strategies.  To that end I'll focus my January posts on general organizing tips.  My husband and I always get a laugh, as I prepare for our, at least monthly charity donation pick-ups, at our house, as he sings the line"....give it away, give it away, give it away now..." from the Red Hot ChiliPeppers song "Give it Away".    If you only keep items in your space andclosets that you love (and that fits) and represents how you live now, youwon't believe how easy it is to put together a few donation bags a month.    If you haven't already, call up your favorite charities, and get on their regular pick-up schedule to give away your gently used items not needed.   There is so much that  comes in to our homes that needs to be sorted, purged...
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Top Rated Summer Camp in the DC Area

Brooksfield Montessori school in, McLean, Virginia hosts a superb Summer Camp program. The camp, which is held on Brooksfield's five lovely acres, just outside of Reston, VA, is a seven-week program, open to children ages 3 through 9 years old.  The camp curriculum encompasses a wide variety of activities suited to each age group’s maturity and interests. Weekly themes engage each camper and enrich his/her summer experience.  And, here's the best part!  Brooksfield Summer Camp is now offering Extended Day for the 2011 Summer season. Activities will include playground time, snack, arts and crafts, cooking, swimming lessons, water play, friendship, and tons of Summer fun!  Apply early for the 2012 season as spots fill quickly! For more information on Brooksfield Summer Camp in McLean, VA, please visit

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