Summer Fun at Summer Camp!

Calling all campers...Brooksfield Montessori school in, McLean, Virginia is currently taking applications for their superb Summer Camp program. The camp, which is held on Brooksfield's five lovely acres, is a seven-week program, open to children ages 3 through 9 years old.  The camp curriculum encompasses a wide variety of activities suited to each age group’s maturity and interests. Weekly themes engage each camper and enrich his/her summer experience.  And, here's the best part!  Brooksfield Summer Camp is now offering Extended Day for the 2011 Summer season. Activities will include playground time, snack, arts and crafts, cooking, swimming lessons , water play, friendship, and tons of Summer fun!  Apply early, because spots fill quickly! For more information on Brooksfield Summer Camp , please visit  

Preschool Montessori program Mclean, Virginia

Brooksfield School in McLean, Virginia gives an education like no other.  Here is what education means to those in McLean, Virginia at Brooksfield School, . Spring Has Sprung at Brooksfield Montessori School! March 21st is the first day of Spring.  And, the children of Brooksfield Montessori School , located in McLean, Virginia, are making the most of the temperate weather. Children in the preschool Montessori program , the Kindergarten Montessori program and the elementary Montessori program spend time working not only inside the classroom, but outside on the five gorgeous, sprawling acres of the school campus.  The school grounds provide the perfect place for nature walks, soccer games, scavenger hunts, outdoor dance and movement, P.E., playground play, art and all kinds of exploration.  So, as the flowers bloom and the sun begins to warm the earth, take a page from Brooksfield's book...get outside with your children and explore the beauty...
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Private Montessori School in Mclean, Virginia

Brooksfield School in Arlington, Virginia gives an education like no other. Here is what education means to those in Arlington, Virginia at Brooksfield School, . Brooksfield Private Montessori is Reaching Out Brooksfield Montessori School , located near Arlington, Virginia, includes outreach in their curriculum.  The children in the elementary Montessori program make sandwiches for a homeless shelter nearby, for instance. The school is also doing its part to help raise money for the people of Japan.  At the next school assembly, Brooksfield school will pass around a collection basket for families who choose to donate to the Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children’s Emergency Fund. in support of Save the Children's responses to children's ongoing and urgent needs.  Children in the Kindergarten and preschool Montessori program also get involved by donating used books and learning daily about respect and empathy for other people.  To learn more about Brooksfield Montessori School , please visit...
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Montessori Kindergarten in Mclean, Virginia

Brooksfield School in Vienna, Virginia gives an education like no other. Here is what education means to those in Vienna, Virginia at Brooksfield School, . Hooray for Montessori Kindergarten! Brooksfield Montessori School , located a few miles from Vienna, Virginia, offers a wonderful full day Montessori Kindergarten program . The children work in mixed-age groups in the morning and then with just their kindergartners in the afternoon, while their younger classmates are resting or napping.  Full day Kindergarten students work with hands-on Montessori materials, learning math, science, language & reading, writing, geography, history, art  & art history, music, dance, Spanish and theatre, among other things.  They also spend time in both small and large groups, exposing them to all types of teaching styles and classroom situations.  All of this industry is wrapped in a warm, laughter-filled, joyful setting.  Now THAT is something shout about! For more information about Brooksfield Montessori School's...
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Brooksfield School Summer Camp in Mclean, Virginia

Brooksfield School in McLean, Virginia plans more than education. Visit to see what they have in mind for your child in McLean, Virgina. Summertime in Virginia On the winds of Spring, blows a glorious Virginia Summer. Hot and humid, perhaps, but also filled with splishity-splashity fun!  The children of Brooksfield Montessori school, as well as children from around the community, will be laughing and playing and swimming their way through the summer heat at Brooksfield Summer Camp , a 7-week summer program open to children ages 3 through 10 years. The summer camp boasts a well-qualified, well-trained staff that that plans age-appropriate activities including arts and crafts, water play, field-trips, outdoor adventures, cooking, swimming lessons and much more. Don't be left out in the cold...or should we say, the heat!  Spaces fill quickly, so contact Brooksfield Montessori School today to reserve your spot! For more information about the Brooksfield School Summer...
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Montessori School in Mclean, Virginia

Brooksfield School in McLean, Virginia gives an education like no other. Here is what education means to those in McLean, Virginia at Brooksfield School, . Growing Brooksfield for a Greener tomorrow. Brooksfield Montessori School Gives Back At the last assembly, Brooksfield Montessori School decided to raise money to help the victims of the Japan tragedy.  With the help of parents and staff, the school collected $186 to send to Save The Children's Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children's Emergency Fund.  Also, this private school , which is located just outside of Vienna, Virginia, collected 5 boxes of gently used books that will be donated to Books for America .  Brooksfield is routinely involved in outreach and impresses upon their preschool , Kindergarten and elementary Montessori students, the importance of giving back and reaching out.  For more information on Brooksfield Montessori School in McLean, Virginia please visit

All The World's A Stage and Brooksfield Kids are Players

On April 5th, Brooksfield School held an assembly that showcased yet another marvelous theatrical production presented by their remarkable Brooksfield Players.  The Players are made up of Kindergarten and Elementary students who are directed by acting coach, Sandra Kammann.  Now in their 20th season, the young thespians once again created their own staging of an original tale and presented it to an audience of delighted parents, staff and fellow classmates.  Brooksfield School, which is located in McLean, Virginia , places heavy emphasis on the arts, creativity and free expression, which is part of what makes this private school such a shining gem. For more information on Brooksfield Montessori School's curriculum or for a tour, please visit

Brooksfield Upper School Loves Mother Nature!

Brooksfield Montessori school , which is located in McLean, Virginia , goes above and beyond when it comes to curriculum.  For the elementary school children, they offer not only the usual Montessori classroom work, but also a program called Outdoor Adventures .  ODA, as it is affectionately referred to by staff and children, gives children the opportunity to excel outside the walls of the classroom, while learning about and experiencing outdoor sports (such as rock climbing, canoeing, hiking, camping etc.) science and nature.  This program also builds teamwork, cooperation, trust, problem solving skills and a sense of wonder and respect for the great outdoors. For more information on ODA or Brooksfield's elementary school program , please visit

Brooksfield Montessori Kids Care!

Several times a year, Brooksfield Montessori School , which is located in McLean, Virginia, "gives back."  For April's community service activity, Brooksfield is supporting a group called, " Beanies for Baghdad ."  Specifically, the school will be collecting gently-used stuffed animals and other special things for the troops in Afghanistan.  The soldiers can then pass the items out to the local children or keep them for themselves.  Brooksfield is also collecting like-new clothing, Frisbees, toy cars, school supplies, soccer balls, cookies, hard candy, snack foods, gum, Blistex with SPF protection and hand/foot warmers.  Brooksfield teaches their preschool, Kindergarten and Elementary Montessori students about the importance of community service and helps them get involved in outreach activities. What a great way to instill empathy and compassion in children. For more information about Brooksfield Montessori School or making donations to any of their outreach programs, please visit

The Mess in the Home Organizing Aisle

  I had to get some storage products for a few clients this week, and pressed for time, instead of going to the mecca for organizers, The Container Store, I went to Target.   Like most big stores they carry an impressive line of organizing products, but I nearly fell over when I saw the state of their home organizing section.   It looked like the dairy, bread and paper product aisles before a major or minor snow storm in the D.C. area!  The shelves were barren and what was left was picked over and in some cases damaged in some way. Of course, then it hit me that most of us have the spring cleaning and clutter bashing bug at this time of year, and that is why the home organizing section looked a mess.  Most of us have the desire to rid our home of the backlog of fall/winter...
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