Summer Camp means Summer Fun!

There are only five months left until Summertime, which means, five months until Brooksfield Montessori School's Summer Camp program begins!  Brooksfield's Summer Camp , which is held on the school grounds in Northern Virginia, just outside of Fairfax,  is a seven-week program for children ages three through nine years.  The program includes swimming lessons, arts and crafts, water play, cooking projects, in-house field trips, outdoor adventures, songs, games, friendship and more.  And, this summer, Brooksfield is delighted to offer extended day hours during camp.  So, when school's out for summer, bring your little adventurer over to Brooksfield Montessori School and join in the summer fun! For more information on Brooksfield's Summer Camp Program, please visit

Foreign Language and the Montessori Method

Foreign language is part of the Montessori curriculum at Brooksfield private Montessori school , in McLean , Virginia.  The children in both the preschool Montessori program and the primary Montessori program receive Spanish instruction from a highly qualified Spanish Language teacher.  The teacher uses the Montessori method to teach Spanish, incorporating hands-on materials, traditional songs, language games and Hispanic cooking into her classes.  The children always leave her class with a smile and a bigger Spanish vocabulary.  Recently, the children made Panqueques al Dulce de Leche, a customary Argentine dessert, as a reinforcement to their lesson.  Now THAT'S a delicious way to learn! Yum! For more information on the language program at Brooksfield Montessori School, please visit

Phys Ed in the Primary Montessori Program

The Brooksfield Montessori school , which is situated on 5 beautiful acres, just outside of Falls Church , Virginia, knows that physical education is an important part of a well-rounded private elementary program .  It's imperative for children to learn good fitness habits by exercising regularly.  Thus, every Tuesday, in PE class, the children in the primary Montessori program run or walk 1 mile as part of a "mileage club" developed by their PE teacher.  When the children reach 5 miles, they receive a special token.  The children love to collect their tokens and look forward to their Tuesday class.  Go kids Go!  Way to stay fit! For more information on the private elementary program, please

Montessori Kindergarten Kids are Movers and Shakers!

The children in the Montessori Kindergarten program at The Brooksfield private Montessori School have been dancing up a storm in movement class. In warmer weather, the children frolicked outside in the beautiful Pine Grove. Now that winter is upon us, the Kindergarten children, as well as the Montessori preschool children, do their dancing inside, incorporating leaps, gallops, turns, jumps and rolls into their choreography.  They love to move to the magical stories that are narrated by their movement teacher, as they morph into jungle animals, blooming flowers, fierce rain storms and sparkling sunbeams, for example.  What a fun and fabulous way to develop motor skills, release energy, and exercise their wonderful imaginations! For more information about movement class ,  full day Kindergarten, or the Montessori preschool program, please visit

Extended Day is Tons of Fun!

The After School Care at Brooksfield private Montessori school, in McLean, Virginia, is exceptional.  The Extended Day teachers, who exude warmth and fun, plan wonderful activities for the children.  Making special snacks is a child favorite.  Recently, the children made their own ice cream. Yummy!  They also enjoysongs, games, stories, art projects, outdoor play, in-house field trips and free-play.  Children from both the Montessori primary program and the Montessori elementary program at Brooksfield School are welcome to join the Extended Day Program and experience the after-school FUN! For more information on after school care at Brooksfield Montessori School, please visit or call the school office to inquire. 

Art in the Montessori School

Art in Montessori Education Art is an integral part of both the Montessori primary program and the Montessori elementary program.  At Brooksfield Montessori School, students of all ages experience both formal art classes , with a highly qualified art specialist, and free art in their individual classrooms.  Brooksfield school knows how important it is for preschool and elementary school children to be exposed to the arts and be given time to explore and create.  So, next time you have a play date with your child, pull out the tempera paints, grab a brush...and let your imaginations soar!  To view some of the art work created by the children in our private Montessori program, please visit and click on Arts and Crafts Gallery .

Green Montessori School

Brooksfield Montessori school, in McLean, Virginia , has spent two years working hard at becoming a green Montessori school.  The school has made significant changes in the way it uses resources such as electricity and paper, making sure to recycle materials, send emails instead of paper notes and turn off computers during downtime.  They have also switched to eco-friendly paint and are teaching the children to plant organic vegetable gardens .  Brooksfield is helping create a cleaner, greener future for the children!   To learn more about Green Montessori schools, please visit our website.

Music in the Montessori Primary Program

The children in the Montessori Primary Program at Brooksfield School have been learning through music!   During music class, the children have been singing songs that are not only melodic and catchy, but also teach them about Washington, DC and Virginia .  What a great way to learn history and geogrpahy ! For more information on Montessori education, please visit

Why Am I Getting Organized?

We are heading towards the end of January and the end of "Get Organized Month". Yes, there really is such a month, and of course my professional association, The National Association of Professional Organizers has designated it so. Being organized is a resolution that many of us have because we know that we will be able to do more things in 2011 if we get organized. In fact "Getting Organized" is cited as one of the top 10 resolutions for Americans each year. If getting organized is your resolution, I recommend that you write down at least 10 reasons for why you want to achieve this goal. Read your reasons daily and it will be a motivator, a coach and a visual reminder that will help keep you on track. Break down your big goal of getting organized into manageable smaller organizing tasks and projects. And better yet, instead of making...
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Organic Food, Fitness & Fun: Brooksfield School Green Day a Huge Success

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Washington Home & Garden Article for Brooksfield School October 27, 2010 Organic Food, Fitness & Fun Brooksfield School Green Day a Huge Success More than 500 people were on hand Saturday, October 23 for the first McLean Green Day event brought to the city by The Brooksfield School. More than 30 green vendors and activities for kids transformed the five acres of grounds and St. Dunstan's Church where the school is located. There was Halloween fun, pony rides, a climbing wall, fitness demonstrations, and face painting. For adults there were organic food samples, fitness tips, gardening and cooking demonstrations. The event also showcased dozens of green business vendors, plus builders, architects, nutritionists, farmers and businesses that provide local, green and organic products. For instance, Whole Foods did a raw food dessert demonstration. A sculptor showed distinctive animal sculptures made from recycled plastic. At the same time, local musician John Henry had...
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