Breaking Family Routines

Of course, as a professional organizer I am a big believer in routines, but I think abandoning routines once in awhile can be a good thing. I include our family in the group that doesn't take advantage of all of the wonderful museums, free and low-cost recreational park activities and the many other enriching family programs that are available every weekend in and around D.C. We tend to fall into our regular a.m. routine of reading the shrinking paper and enjoying our coffee while the kids watch cartoons, before all of the normal weekend activities start like b-day parties, sports practices and play dates. This weekend we diverged a bit from our routine mainly because our youngest had been cooped up all week with an especially harsh stomach virus, and I think we all needed to do something different. We went down to the Building Museum on Saturday because they have...
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Finding the Balance between Green, and everything else

green living road sign
It's been way too long since I connected with the Brooksfield community and so today I want to share some personal and professional thoughts on green living. When I started my business in 2008, I wanted to provide a service that helped people make better decisions for their own personal health and the health of our planet. I also wanted to help businesses build a culture of green so that they could implement green practices that made sense, reduced their environmental impact, and boosted employee morale and retention. After a couple years of providing those services, with great success in some areas, and not so great in others - I have just this weekend had what I think is an insightful revelation on where I may have gone wrong, and where I need to go from here.  The revelation: Most people just want things to be simple. Most people buy products...
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Extended Fun for Extended Day!

Brooksfield Montessori school, located a few miles from Vienna, Virginia, will be closing for winter break next week, but their Extended Day program will remain open and loaded with fun!  Next week, the after school care program, which encompasses children in the primary Montessori , Kindergarten Montessori and Elementary Montessori programs , will include a magic show, special cooking projects, arts and crafts and lots of playtime. They will also include "Hat Day," "Crazy Hair Day," and "Pajama Day," which always brings smiles and laughter.  What a joyous way to spend a week!  For more information on Brooksfield private Montessori School's Extended Day program, please visit

Mise En Place for Organizing Success

Good chefs and organizers have something very important in common. We both employ a technique that is commonly used by professional chefs called mise en place, which means "everything in its place". Designating a place for everything is at the core of organizing because without this important element proper systems can't be set up. Something I see a lot as an organizer is many clients will pile things or stuff items in places because either they aren't sure where the items are suppose to go, a home was never identified for the items, or they intend to put it away and the put away pile becomes daunting. The ramifications of not employing the mise en place philosophy is that organization will be elusive, never ending, and overwhelming when it doesn't have to be. Also, you will probably re-buy things you already have because you either can't find the item when you...
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Learning & Laughing in the Montessori School

Brooksfield private Montessori School , which is situated on 5 gorgeous, tree-covered acres a few miles from Oakton, VA, knows that learning is a fun!  The children in both the preschool Montessori program and the full day Kindergarten program enjoy the the hands-on, experiential learning that is typical of Montessori schools.  However, Brooksfield School takes it one step further mixing art and music into much of the curriculum.  Take a peek into any of their classrooms and you will see students quietly concentrating on their "work," but you will also see them singing, dancing, painting, writing poetry, laughing, and socializing as they work together on everything from science projects to the multiplication beads.  Brooksfield Montessori School believes in letting kids be kids and in letting them find joy in learning, something that will benefit them well past their Kindergarten years.   To experience the joy that is Brooksfield Private Montessori School,...
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Montessori Upper

The private elementary program at Brooksfield Montessori School, which is located a few miles outside of Washington, DC , is alight with learning, creativity, friendship and adventure.  Their highly academic, warm and wonderful program includes not only the usual subjects taught in grades 1 through 3, but also Spanish,  Anthropology, Dance & Movement and Outdoor Adventures (canoeing, hiking, fishing, rock climbing, kayaking etc.).  Further, the children in the Upper School have the opportunity to join Brooksfield Players, the school's long-established theatre program, as well as after school activities such as Chess Club, Cooking Class and Woodworking.  And, best of all, this Fall, Brooksfield is thrilled to be adding 4th grade to their unparalleled Montessori elementary program.  Now, the love of learning encompassed by all of Brooksfield's students, will reach even further. For more information on Brooksfield Montessori School's private elementary program, please visit

Summer Camp means Summer Fun!

There are only five months left until Summertime, which means, five months until Brooksfield Montessori School's Summer Camp program begins!  Brooksfield's Summer Camp , which is held on the school grounds in Northern Virginia, just outside of Fairfax,  is a seven-week program for children ages three through nine years.  The program includes swimming lessons, arts and crafts, water play, cooking projects, in-house field trips, outdoor adventures, songs, games, friendship and more.  And, this summer, Brooksfield is delighted to offer extended day hours during camp.  So, when school's out for summer, bring your little adventurer over to Brooksfield Montessori School and join in the summer fun! For more information on Brooksfield's Summer Camp Program, please visit

Foreign Language and the Montessori Method

Foreign language is part of the Montessori curriculum at Brooksfield private Montessori school , in McLean , Virginia.  The children in both the preschool Montessori program and the primary Montessori program receive Spanish instruction from a highly qualified Spanish Language teacher.  The teacher uses the Montessori method to teach Spanish, incorporating hands-on materials, traditional songs, language games and Hispanic cooking into her classes.  The children always leave her class with a smile and a bigger Spanish vocabulary.  Recently, the children made Panqueques al Dulce de Leche, a customary Argentine dessert, as a reinforcement to their lesson.  Now THAT'S a delicious way to learn! Yum! For more information on the language program at Brooksfield Montessori School, please visit

Phys Ed in the Primary Montessori Program

The Brooksfield Montessori school , which is situated on 5 beautiful acres, just outside of Falls Church , Virginia, knows that physical education is an important part of a well-rounded private elementary program .  It's imperative for children to learn good fitness habits by exercising regularly.  Thus, every Tuesday, in PE class, the children in the primary Montessori program run or walk 1 mile as part of a "mileage club" developed by their PE teacher.  When the children reach 5 miles, they receive a special token.  The children love to collect their tokens and look forward to their Tuesday class.  Go kids Go!  Way to stay fit! For more information on the private elementary program, please

Montessori Kindergarten Kids are Movers and Shakers!

The children in the Montessori Kindergarten program at The Brooksfield private Montessori School have been dancing up a storm in movement class. In warmer weather, the children frolicked outside in the beautiful Pine Grove. Now that winter is upon us, the Kindergarten children, as well as the Montessori preschool children, do their dancing inside, incorporating leaps, gallops, turns, jumps and rolls into their choreography.  They love to move to the magical stories that are narrated by their movement teacher, as they morph into jungle animals, blooming flowers, fierce rain storms and sparkling sunbeams, for example.  What a fun and fabulous way to develop motor skills, release energy, and exercise their wonderful imaginations! For more information about movement class ,  full day Kindergarten, or the Montessori preschool program, please visit
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School Closing Alert

Weather Update:  Due to icy road conditions, Brooksfield will be CLOSED today, Friday, February 19, 2021.  All child visits are canceled and will be rescheduled.  Stay warm!